About Us

Since 2006, Qures has fit over 750 bathrooms in the UK alone.
On top of that, we have also worked for trusted customers in Spain, Poland and Germany.

We are proud of our designs and we keep pushing our skills to the limit, especially when it comes to creativity.
Over the years, Qures has come up with and patented several various structures and ideas, three of the most popular being the custom pebbled bath, heated pebbled seat and the shower wave.

Qures Bathrooms is in an exclusive relationship with Alfa Tiles UK.

This allows us to stay focused on finding new trends and being up to date with latest European design fashions as well as having access to tile collections that are not sold anywhere else in the UK besides Alfa Tiles UK.
Most of the collections on display are only sold in our showroom. Displays aside, we also offer a wide range of chic collections, from traditional to contemporary and futuristic.

Alfa Tiles UK has been trading with Qures Bathrooms since its establishment in 2014.
Alfa focuses on providing exclusive tile collections, as well as various bathrooms fitting materials; adhesives, grouts, silicons, trims, waterproof boards, trays, under-floor-heating.

As well as the building materials, Alfa supplies all sanitary ware, shower enclosures, baths, ceramics, glass screens, brass ware and digital accessories such as digital shower mixers, digital speaker mirrors and digital bath fillers.

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